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“When I first started therapy I was regularly feeling depressed. The problem I had was that I didn’t understand why I was feeling the way I was and I didn’t know how to get out of it. By going to therapy I was able to learn more about how I’ve become the person I am today and how to like that person more. I am now armed with the tools to improve things going forward. I’m not perfect but I know with the right level of discipline, structure and accountability (while being a little bit selfish) I can get myself into a much better situation and I won’t ever be back to some of the lows that I’ve had in previous years.” (C.W.)
“I had been to a few therapists before and thought that maybe it just wasn't for me. When I started going to Rhonda it seemed like I had finally found the right fit. Through her sessions I feel like I've finally started down the path to getting better instead of just surviving. It's been difficult, but I've been pushed to confront my problems, and I feel a lot stronger and a lot more capable of coping. The techniques I've been taught to control and ease my issues have made it feel like I can finally live my life according to me instead of through my problems. The phototherapy element is wonderful at showing how far I've come in this time and feels a lot more personal than it's been with therapists in the past.” (Ismay)
“I was feeling very anxious and needed to talk to someone outside of my family. I suffered from constant worry, I worried about everything and even things that never happened. Along side my worrying I had experienced a few very difficult bereavements that I could not come to terms with. Counselling saved my life, I was suicidal and not in a good place at all. It has taken me a bit of time but I am thinking more clearly. I can go out and enjoy myself now, I understand other people better and have rebuilt my confidence. I would, and do recommend Rhonda Gillespie to anyone I know who is suffering.” (Peter)
“I was feeling low and slightly panicky, (not for the first time in my life), and thought I would try counselling. I was, to be honest, sceptical but ever hopeful. It was the best think I ever did. In the first session I was still sceptical but it went incredibly well, I went on to see Rhonda once a week for five months. I am not totally out of the woods yet, but I am approaching a sunny clearing in a very confident way. Positive feelings have at last replaced negative.”
Nothing but good!
“When I decided to go into therapy I felt very depressed and full of anxiety. I realised within a few sessions where my anxiety and depression were coming from and I could work on them. I was doing too much in regards to my career and I was dealing with the death of my Mother. I lost my Mother at an early age and never realised how much I was struggling.”
“Through Emotion Focused Therapy I started to deal with the sadness involving my Mother’s death. I was able to rationalise to the point where I can now find comfort knowing that I can at any time find a space, think and talk to my Mum and feel the energy that comes from that process. I now feel much more confident and know how to live my life without feeling disabled.”
(Jamie )

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