Anxiety - Overwhelming Feelings - Repeating Problems - Trauma - Stress - Alcohol-Drug Dependency - Disconnection - Strained Relationships - Sexual Abuse - Family Matters - Bullying - Body Image - Eating Disorders - Self Esteem Issues - Depression - are just a few reasons clients come for counselling.

Going to see a counsellor can be confusing, there are unlimited options and treatments out there and it can be difficult to decide what is right for you. Below is a brief outline of our approaches to therapy which we will discuss in detail at our first session to see what approach to therapy will work best for you.  Online or phone sessions are also an option if you do not feel comfortable meeting face to face just now.


"Where to start? I can honestly say therapy is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I was lost for a long time, couldn’t remember a time before therapy where I'd felt like myself. I had struggled for many years with anxiety and depression due to bereavement, abusive relationships and being sexually assaulted. These events were spread out over my life, and I didn't think the way I was feeling/dealing with these things were all in someway connected.  


After the first appointment, I felt such a weight lift of my shoulders. This was the first step and I wish I had taken it sooner. The talking therapy approach really felt like I had a safe, non-judgmental, and open environment to truly speak about how I felt and things I'd been through. I started with frequent sessions and as these went on, I started to untangle the way I'd been feeling. I was given tools and techniques to be able to deal with these problems and really felt like I was not alone. The techniques I've learned help me deal with not only big issues but daily ones too.  


It was interesting for me to see a link in how I managed things based on undealt with trauma from youth. It's made me a lot more reflective and learn how to be kind to myself, set boundaries and, also understand other people’s emotions better too. Going from a place where I felt like there was no clear way out, to the end of my time with Rhonda, to the person I am now, makes me feel proud.  

I honestly, can't recommend therapy at Bridge of Allan Counselling enough. It has turned my life around. Thank you." (H.W.)

 "I did not realise how much I needed help until I went through the counselling process. The first time I hesitantly emailed Bridge of Allan counselling I felt unhappy and needed to change something, but was unsure what that was. Rhonda helped me in so many ways, I have returned at different points in my life when I needed someone to to talk difficult situations over with. The confidence I have gained and the self-awareness has been life changing, more than I ever could have anticipated from that first email. Anyone that is even wondering if this could be for them I would urge you to just end that initial email like I did. Going to counselling has truly been the best investment I have made in my life."  (N.T.) 

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