Do you find it hard to talk about issues that are troubling you? Is the “spark” gone? Do you want to leave the relationship due to trust issues? These are a few of the many reasons why your relationship may be under pressure or at breaking point. While all relationships can sometimes suffer under the increasing pressures of everyday life, ongoing and unaddressed stresses can leave you feeling exhausted, depressed, desperate and with low self esteem.

Managing conflict is crucial to improve relationships and it is unrealistic to hope to avoid it. Problems within a relationship don't need to escalate to a separation or divorce. Through open communication we will identify your strengths and weaknesses as a couple. We will talk honestly about responsibilities and behaviours and find ways to resolve your difficulties

Life is all about relationships. Everything that we do revolves around our relationships with ourselves and each other. We want and need our relationships to be balanced and fulfilling. The relationship skills we first learn come from our parents or primary care-givers, either directly or by observation. And our models for those skills are likely to vary widely between healthy and unhealthy. After some challenging relationship experiences, we can form a shell that protects us from the pain, but they also start to feel tight. Most couple who are unhappy know they want something different in their relationships, but don’t know what that is or how to find it. The good news is that healthy relationship skills can be learned, and toxic relationship patterns can be changed.

Couples Counselling can help: Transform your current relationships, help to establish boundaries, find the balance between your own needs and the needs of others, explore relationship patterns and expectations, and most of all to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. What is the cost? The cost is £95 per session. Depending on your current situation the recommendation is anywhere from 6-20 sessions.